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Over the years our philosophy has always been associated by our customers with the motto “From Professionals to Professionals”. We know that every business has unique requirements and will need to rely on fast, adaptive and modern technology.
Our expertise through the years shows that the right hardware is crucial part of a successful project. We are using bare-metal dedicated servers from premium hardware providers on the market such as HPE, AMD, Dell and many more situated in our state of art Data Centers.


  • AMD up to 8 Cores
  • 100Mbit/s port
  • UP to 32 GB RAM DDR3
  • UP to 4 TB HDD / UP to 1 TB SSD
  • From €29,00/month


  • Intel Xeon / Core i5
  • 1Gbit/s port
  • UP to 32 GB RAM DDR3
  • UP to 8 TB HDD / UP to 1TB SSD
  • From €49,00/month


  • HPE ProLiant Gen 9
  • 1Gbit/s port
  • UP to 256 GB RAM DDR4
  • UP to 16TB HDD/ 4TB SSD
  • From €129,99/month

Trust our cutting-edge data centers


Europe’s greenest data center, DataDock in Strasbourg, was established over a three-year period of planning and construction. Only the most up-to-date,
environmentally friendly equipment has been used in the data center‘s infrastructure, combined with an innovative artesian cooling system. These measures result in datadock‘s impressive levels of energy efficiency. And since all critical installations are fully redundant, DataDock also guarantees
the highest levels of availability.


Our USA data center is situated in St. Louis, Missouri, making it centrally located in the United States. This strategic location offers ideal connections to all main carriers and to the prime arteries of the US backbone, ensuring the fastest connections to every part of the world. It is designed with full redundancies; all critical systems are permanently monitored and numerous safety systems protect the servers from unauthorized access.

• High-speed backbone with 550 Gbit/s

• Dedicated 1 Gbit/s port for every server

• 99.9 % guaranteed availability

• Multiple redundancies

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