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Keagan Solutions specializes in the following services:

  • Being a software company with four year experience we offer a large range of software services and we particularly specialize in PERL, JAVA & PHP programming, web-design and support of existing software applications. However we also have clients with other expertise requirements - such as C++, Delphi, .NET, which we do our best to service. Our business model for outsourcing includes hiring dedicated software engineers for the particular client under client's expert requirements in order to meet the unique needs of each development organization. Dedicated development teams are formed with team leaders for each separate outsourcing contract and client. Under this business model the project management is directly in the hands of our clients.

    The development teams formed here often act as an offshore seamless extension of client's personnel. Our customers as a rule have a direct technical control over the entire project and over the local dedicated development team through Project managers on both sides of the pipeline. While the project management itself is up to the client, Keagan Solutions is providing expertise, know how and staff, technical and communication network, office and administrative setup and control thus helping to optimize software outsourcing cost, R & D performance and improve time-to-market. In the featured business model of dedicated teams clients are directly involved with human and financial resources for project management from their side, but have fewer side expenses and as a rule achieve better long-term, sustainable results.

  • For companies that lack project management resource and look for a turn-key software development solution, we do offer professional project management services, thus delivering a complete software product developed and managed by us from start till end. This process requires strong skill and huge experience, therefore, we are happy to assist you in taking software projects from initiation to completion and apply a multi-level project management with clear project steps.

    Keagan Solutions can formulate a software project plan and deliver the software product quickly and efficiently. In the face of our expert project leaders, testers, database engineers, software designers and engineers you can have a professional team, working on the specific project in order to achieve the goals you pursue. This outsource business model is less inexpensive, but particularly suitable for short-term software projects (up to 3 months) or companies, which do not have their own project management resources.

  • System administration is a critical aspect to the successful operation of many businesses. Nowadays, most of the organizations rely on mission critical business applications that stay on companies' servers. For many businesses the cost, associated with monitoring and administering these systems, is extensive.

    Keagan Solutions provides a robust services by offering a range of monitoring, administration, backup, and security services to help you get the most from your budget and staff. These services can help you meet your basic business targets by releasing you to focus on your growth strategy, instead of administering hardware and software systems. Our system administration center is divided into three levels of expertise reflecting the different requirements of our clients towards cost and technical know-how. Our system administrators speak English and German languages and service clients from Europe and USA.

  • Outsourcing services to offshore call centers is a highly economical solution for businesses in developed countries. Keagan Solutions Call Center can manage tasks on behalf of you, such as customer attraction, customer satisfaction, help desk support and advice. We can handle in a professional manner both inbound and outbound calls for our clients. For the purpose we are equipped with sophisticated voice operations center that provides a full range of high-volume, inbound or outbound call-handling services, including customer support, operator services, directory assistance, multilingual customer support, credit services, card services, inbound and outbound telemarketing, interactive voice response and web-based services.

    Our call center is applied in many industries, like health care, education, marketing, IT and all kind of businesses where you need or have direct link to customers. Keagan Solutions offers 24/7 call center service and currently employs trained call center agents in English and German languages, however other languages can also be supported under clients' requirement.

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